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Welcome to These Final Days Ministries

Pastor Ryan Speakman
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA
Author • Minister • Speaker

      Pastor Ryan Speakman (Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA) and Pastor Jay Mutale (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) welcome you to These Final Days Ministries.

These Final Days is a unique ministry that seeks to teach the truth—what God's Word really says—about the last of the Last Days, which we are convinced are the times that we are living in now. Ours is the generation that is destined to see Christ return to Earth, and—just as the Bible warns—this Last Days generation is steeped in deception about the days that we are in and the days that are soon coming. We—Pastor Ryan and Pastor Jay—have been at this for many years, and our ministry is multi-fold, including:

Contact Pastor Ryan: ryan@thesefinaldays.org
Contact Pastor Jay: jay@thesefinaldays.org

Pastor Jay Mutale
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Minister • Speaker


These Final Days, Part 1
The Truth About the Rapture, the Four Horsemen, and the Prelude to the Great Tribulation

Paperback:  $14.99
Audiobook:  $9.99
Kindle:  $4.99

       These Final Days, Part 2
The Truth About How the Great Tribulation Begins, the Third Temple, and Jerusalem

Paperback:  $14.99
Audiobook:  $9.99
Kindle:  $4.99


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The Truth About the Rapture

Do you know what the Bible--including Jesus Himself--REALLY says about the Rapture? Hint: it's probably not at all what you've been taught... but for this generation, the truth is nothing less than a matter of spiritual life and death.

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